Oslo Old Town City Private City Exploration Game

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Oslo Old Town City Private City Exploration Game

Journey through modern Oslo and follow the clues to discover the origins, stories and challenges faced across the capital’s 1,000-year history.

Play the role of Harald Hardrada – Viking King and founder of Oslo. Visit wonderful sights including the Royal Palace, Parliament and Akershus Fortress whilst unlocking many surprising stories, including how Oslo became the home of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Sharpen your mind as Harald sharpens his sword – get ready to raid the treasured tales of Oslo!

Learn about Oslo history, from medieval beginnings to its dramatic rebuilding
Discover the stories of Norway’s journey to independence from Sweden and Denmark
Find out about the Nobel Peace Prize and visit the City Hall where the award is given
Make your way to Akershus Fortress, overlooking the fjord and landscape surrounding Oslo
Try a new type of experience, the perfect mix between a tour, an outdoor escape game, and a treasure hunt.

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Duration of tour 🕓 1 hour 15 minutes

Destination: Oslo

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