10 secrets of Hamburg's old town - exciting scavenger hunt tour

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10 secrets of Hamburg's old town - exciting scavenger hunt tour

Discover Hamburg Old Town in a playful way!

You can expect a modern city rally, where you come across tricky puzzles and interesting information about Hamburg's history. Feel like Sherlock Holmes and reveal the secrets of the city. Playfully gain new insights and have fun.

On the approximately 3km long route you will meet famous captains, glorious field marshals and great emperors! You admire the monumental Hamburg City Hall, grandiose churches and monuments, bridges and canals.

Immediately after the start you dive into a world full of hidden clues and enigmatic pictures. At the end of each task, exciting information about the respective sights awaits you.

⭐ HIGH lights

»Independence of tourist guides and groups

»Only a smartphone with internet connection needed

»Suitable for individuals and groups

»Playful mediation of interesting contents

»Informative, exciting, amusing

»Already from 6 Euro per person

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Price: $34.54

Duration of tour 🕓 2 to 3 hours

Destination: Hamburg

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