2 cenote divings (including one deep diving) for advanced divers in Tulum

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2 cenote divings (including one deep diving) for advanced divers in Tulum

Diving in a cenote is like floating in another universe. It’s like evolving on a turquoise planet full of sacred history. The cathedral like stalactites and stalagmites that dive deep in the clear, crystal waters are like masterpieces!

Deep cenote diving is accessible starting with level 2, Advanced or Open Water divers with deep certification).

You will dive in caverns with all the specific diving material provided (lights, 5 mm wetsuits...) Tours are given respecting the highest levels of security with ample space, always close to one of the exits and numerous air holes. You will have permanent visual contact with natural light. A show and emotions are guaranteed!

Depending on the cenotes visited, you can observe millions of limestone formations, fossils, prehistoric bone formations, native animal species and the halocline. One of the best diving tours in the world…exclusively in Tulum with La Calypso.

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Price: $187.00

Duration of tour 🕓 5 hours

Destination: Tulum

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