Elafonisi Beach: Welcome to paradise, From Rethymnon

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Elafonisi Beach: Welcome to paradise, From Rethymnon

Do you want to swim to one of the most beautiful beaches of Europe?
Welcome to paradise, to the beach with the exotic beauty, the pink sand and he clear water. The Elafonisi (“deer island”) is characterized by many visitors as an exotic scenery and light blue paradise, whereas it’s a little island 200 meters from the coast and between them there is a shallow lagoon. Now, you have the chance thanks to CHECKINCRETA’s bus to make a comfortable and safe itinerary (3 hours duration) enjoying most of the time on the beach and not on the road. During that trip we will have a 40 minutes stop in a wonderful location with natural beauty. Enjoy it!

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Price: $37.42

Duration of tour 🕓 10 hours

Destination: Chania

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