Pompeii Ruins w/ Two Vesuvian Wineries

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Pompeii Ruins w/ Two Vesuvian Wineries

Updated On: 30 March, 2023

Pompeii Ruins w/ Two Vesuvian Wineries

Enjoy history, wine, and nature in this all-in-one experience!
You will start from the ancient ruins of Pompeii, where an archeological guide will take you on an exploration (2.5 hours) of this ancient city while painting a picture of what life was like during one of the most important empires of all time: The Roman Empire. The site of Pompeii is a true gem frozen in the year 79, which allows us to jump back in time and touch a piece of history as it was nearly 2,000 years ago.
After the guided tour, it will be time for the Italian in you to come alive and embark on your tour of Vesuvian wineries with a driver who will take care of you for the rest of the day. The wineries we'll be visiting are all in the National Park of Mount Vesuvius, known for its fertile volcanic soil and giving us the grapes only produced here. The result is the famous Lacryma Christi (Tears of Christ), a wine most equivalent to that of which the ancient Romans enjoyed.

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Destination: Pompeii

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