Tour Etna & Wine Tasting

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Tour Etna & Wine Tasting

An adventure full of fun, with new discoveries and lots of laughter. Ideal for those who, after an easytrekking through the ancient lands of the place, wants to pamper himself with its fruits with a unique flavor and not only.
It couldn't be easier to get lost among the wine and culinary traditions of Sicily and its natural beauty.
We will have a walk through the ancient woods of Etna, to discover fascinating phenomena volcanic, craters and unique rock formations.
We will stop at a winery that produces spectacular wines and volcanic flavor. There you will be served by expert sommeliers who will reveal the secrets contained in the barrels and tell you what affinities bind the volcano and wine. The Etna tour and wine tasting from Taormina will ends with a visit to the winery, to know and closely observe the processes of wine production.
The combination of adventure and good taste, thanks to the wine tasting in the local winery, you will will allow you to live a unique experience!

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Price: $124.64

Duration of tour 🕓 8 hours

Destination: Sicily

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