Sea Trek Helmet Dive at Coral World Ocean Park

St Thomas | Check Availability

Sea Trek Helmet Dive at Coral World Ocean Park

If you can walk and breathe - you can Sea Trek. Experience the thrill of exploring the ocean and all its wonders, without giving up precious vacation time for specialized training. Sea Trek is the world's premier underwater helmet diving experience. Imagine walking in zero gravity while surrounded by incredible aquatic life - that's Sea Trek. Following an orientation, a guide will lead you along an underwater trail near Coral World’s Underwater Observation Tower. The helmet provides the air, weight and stability to walk upright under the water. Your head and hair stay completely dry and you breathe normally inside the helmet. Fish and other sea creatures swim right up to your visor.
Program duration is about 45 mins (Dive time approximately 25 mins.)
Bring or wear swim wear with a cover-up and towel.

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Price: $88.25

Duration of tour 🕓 45 minutes

Destination: St Thomas

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