Hamburg at Night: Old Town & St Pauli Private Tour

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Hamburg at Night: Old Town & St Pauli Private Tour

Add a touch of adventure to your stay in Hamburg and experience the exciting nightlife in the entertainment district. Enjoy an evening walk through the Old Town, from the Town Hall, St Nicholas, St Michaels, to the vibrant St Pauli and Reeperbahn.

- Explore the Old Town and the entertainment district of St Pauli with a 5-Stars Private Guide
- Fall in love with the city at night, see the illuminated market square and Town Hall
- Discover the energetic Reeperbahn streets and get a drink at one of the clubs or bars
- See the famous Davidwache brick police station and hear local crime stories
- Get an insider’s perspective into Hamburg’s busy nightlife

Join us on a fun and exciting tour of Hamburg’s entertainment district. Get an insider's perspective and hear some spicy stories about the city’s busy nightlife. Experience the playful vibes of these bright and colorful streets filled with interesting spots and unique characters. Enjoy your night out!

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Price: $135.47

Duration of tour 🕓 2 hours

Destination: Hamburg

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