Venice: Grand Canal by Gondola with commentary

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Venice: Grand Canal by Gondola with commentary

Glide the canals of Venice on gondola ride with live guide who explains stories and secrets of the fascinating palaces around you. Let you drive along Grand Canal by your gondolier.

The expert gondoliers will drive you along Venice hidden passages and canals reachable only by gondola, admiring the breathtaking Venetian landscape.

Pass beneath centuries-old bridges and take in famous Grand Canal with amazing overlooking Palaces, Fenice Opera House, Santa Maria Della Salute Church and much more. As in fairytale you’ll discover the real soul of Venice.

The guide will narrate you the fascinating history of gondola and gondoliers! On board you will listen to all about the palaces, churches and attractions around you. You will learn also tales known only by Venetians!

If you want to live an exclusive experience, book the private gondola and enjoy a ride only you and your partner or friends!

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Price: $35.40

Duration of tour 🕓 50 minutes

Destination: Venice

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