Private One Day Tour in Venice!

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Private One Day Tour in Venice!

Discover the jewels of Venice in just 1 day!
Experience the real essence of the city with your native Venetian guide, who will be showing you around this fascinating labirinth rich of histories, legends and traditions.
From Rialto bridge, with its millenary trade center, to St. Mark's square, surrounded by the 3 "cousins": the Basilica, the Doge's Palace and the Bridge of Sighs.
Arriving in Cannaregio, where the merchants had developed their main activities, you will enjoy an authentic atmosphere, exploring an original atelier of Carnival masks.
You will also have lunch like a Venetian, with the delicious "cicheti" accompanied by the famous 'ombra' (small glass of local wine).
After the little break, you will reach by private luxury water taxi one of the oldest Murano glass factory and admire the millenary blowing glass art.
There is no better ending then a private boat ride through the Grand Canal, reflecting the sunset colors on the nobles palaces, and leaving you with the last amazing view of the city.

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Price: $448.69

Duration of tour 🕓 8 hours

Destination: Venice

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