Discover Frankfurt and its region with a local pilot

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Discover Frankfurt and its region with a local pilot

Go on an unforgettable adventure and discover the beauty of Frankfurt in the most unique way...from a private micro plane!
You’ll see stunning views of Frankfurt Skyline, Frankenstein Castle...and many more for you to discover with a local pilot!

Your pilot is key to this adventure. They are sharing the flights' direct cost, not making a profit. They just love to fly and want you to understand their passion for aviation.
So be sure to meet your pilot directly at the airfield provided, as there are several private airfields around.
++Confirm weather conditions with your pilot before++ --> Access a local airfield --> Discuss the flight route together with your pilot --> Pre-flight check --> Up you go, enjoy the view from a whole new perspective!

The flight can depart between 9-17h, depending on the availability of the pilot, aircraft, and weather. Please let us know your flexible hours/days upon booking, and make sure that you've been in touch with us beforehand!

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Price: $198.44

Duration of tour 🕓 30 to 60 minutes

Destination: Frankfurt

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