Private 2-Hour Hamburg Highlights Walking Tour

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Private 2-Hour Hamburg Highlights Walking Tour

We aim to offer exciting and interactive walking tours that will allow you to immerse yourself in everything the wonderful city of Hamburg has to offer. Yes we want to show you the big highlights of the city but also the little gems hidden around corners and down small streets that other visitors never get to see.

A crash course in Hamburg's history, culture and cuisine in one compact tour. Covering must see highlights including the Townhall, the Warehouse-district, the Elbphilharmonie and the Harbour as well as many more hidden gems!

This tour is ideal for those who want to see as much of hamburg in a short period of time. The tour covers our rich history all the way from the birth of the city up until modern day.

The tour will be a walking tour with a light activity level. A short break is included in the middle of the tour.

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Price: $197.15

Duration of tour 🕓 2 hours

Destination: Hamburg

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