The VIP Colosseum Underground & Ancient Rome Small Group Tour

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The VIP Colosseum Underground & Ancient Rome Small Group Tour

Exclusivity, privacy, and entertainment, are the words that perfectly describe the experience provided by this tour!
The tour also gives you access to the Colosseum arena with a beautiful view over-looking the dungeons and then down in to the dungeons area under the Colosseum. Your expert guide will take you on the ground floor and second level and help you to understand the events and stories of the past here at the Colosseum including Gladiator battles and other historic events and stories that may well be shocking to you. With these detailed facts provided by your guide, you will leave the Colosseum excited to tell your friends of the interesting stories and secrets that you had learned.
Learn about the types of games and crazy battles that the Romans enjoyed the most. Along with providing you with expert knowledge, your guide will also point out the best spots to take the perfect picture during your tour, as you tour the entirety of this incredible monument!

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Price: $109.48

Duration of tour 🕓 3 hours

Destination: Rome

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