Paddleboard Cenote Tour

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Paddleboard Cenote Tour

Our tours are designed to let you discover unique, beautiful and uncrowded locations around Tulum and the Riviera Maya. We only work with small groups and we care about the ecosystem, by being responsible for how we run our tours. Roberto, your guide is a native of this Mayan region and he is a certified guide with many years of experience. Paddle in crystal clear waters that allow great viewing of the underwater environment from above your board. Discover the reef of this uncrowded bay and swim in the incredible waters of the cenote, paddle around this beautiful and unique ecosystem. Enjoy some really unique views surrounded by mangroves, birds, coral, and fish while discovering an incredible Cenote. This Tour is perfect for everyone if it is your first time on a paddleboard you will love it, or if you are looking for an overall experience discovering the incredible world of the Mayan Cenotes, this tour is what you are looking for.

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Price: $110.00

Duration of tour 🕓 3 to 4 hours

Destination: Tulum

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