Natural Pool & Indian Cave Jeep Safari

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Natural Pool & Indian Cave Jeep Safari

Take a break from Aruba’s picture-perfect beaches in Aruba's most comfortable, brand-new LandCruiser to a half-day tour to another of the island’s natural highlights, the Natural Pool in Arikok National Park. Sitting pretty on Aruba’s east coast, the Natural Pool, surrounded by volcanic rock, provides a fun and interesting place to swim and snorkel with other adventurous types who’ve made the off-road trek by 4x4 Land Cruiser vehicle. Your caravan also stops at island attractions like Dos Playa beach, Indian Caves, Fontein Garden, Rock formation. The morning Excursion includes a tasty lunch at the end.

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Price: $104.94

Duration of tour 🕓 4 hours 30 minutes

Destination: Aruba

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