Cordoba and Carmona Day Trip from Seville

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Cordoba and Carmona Day Trip from Seville

Leaving Seville, we will make our way through Andalusia and arrive at our first destination on the journey, Carmona. As you walk through the ancient streets taking in the buildings, most of which are painted a stark white. You will come to understand why this historical town is nicknamed ´´ The White Village´´.

After our time in Carmona, we will move to Cordoba.

This special place contains art, ancient streets, and history from a combination of cultures. The ancient mosque features extraordinary architecture that spans eight centuries. Cordoba also contains a jewish quarter that is home to the only synagogue in Andalusia. Walk through the Andalusian patios and take a chance to enjoy the local cuisine.

When the time comes, we will board the shuttle and head back to Seville.

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Duration of tour 🕓 9 to 10 hours

Destination: Seville

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🕓 3 hours 30 minutes duration

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