London for 5 Days with Stay in English Families Home

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London for 5 Days with Stay in English Families Home

This 5 days London getaway package is a cultural program where you can enjoy most of London by staying in our English host families' homes. This is an excellent choice when your time is limited. From the very first minute until the end of the program, you will be taken great care by our operation team, group leaders and tour guides.

London has it all, and we all know that. It will all culminate in your realization of why London is the city where people enshrine the fondest and most heartfelt memories from the very first moments of our London package program that last a lifetime.

See the world's most iconic landmarks, and hear their stories and history from a professional tour guide. Our Excursion Tour is designed to present you with the most key facts and places of interest in the short time you have in London.

Get a truly traditional English cultural experience in typical English homes in beautiful & scenic Richmond and Kingston areas. Join us!

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Price: $3,087.08

Duration of tour 🕓 5 days

Destination: London

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