Full Day Off-Road Island Adventure in Charlotte Amalie

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Full Day Off-Road Island Adventure in Charlotte Amalie

Join "G", a local Virgin Islander, as he takes you on your very own off-road adventure.

Why join us?
Bushman: G knows all about the fauna and flora, and what bush you need to drink to keep healthy. Don't be surprised when he pulls up to a bush, breaks off a branch and has you smell, taste or feel the island bush or fruit.

City Streets: Growing up on the island and playing on the side streets as a youth has afforded him the knowledge of the complex, winding streets of Charlotte Amalie. Where others dare not venture, he goes!

Island Topography: from the twists and turns, to the highest points on the island, to the amazing beaches, and roads that look like donkey paths, you will see it all.

Local folklore/Customs: from the story of Cow Foot Lady to learning about the greeting of the day, you'll get in the island spirit with G as your guide to all things cultural.

Listen & Learn: learn the island idioms, hear the island accent (it's English!) and just have fun!

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Price: $500.00

Duration of tour 🕓 7 hours

Destination: St Thomas

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