Express Tour of the Last Supper in Milan | MAX 6 PEOPLE Guaranteed

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Express Tour of the Last Supper in Milan | MAX 6 PEOPLE Guaranteed

The Last Supper is one of Italy's most famous masterpieces, and as such it is a difficult one to get into! But do not fear as with this tour not only will you enjoy express access to this internationally renown site, you will also enjoy incredible explanations of its history and tales by a Professional Local Expert guide, joined by a small group of ONLY 6 People MAX, guaranteed.
Known for its intricate detail and masterful precision, da Vinci’s Last Supper captures a key moment of Jesus and his disciples during the moment that Christ reveals he will soon be betrayed by one of his own. Leonardo da Vinci was not only a painter, but considered a true Renaissance man, mastering a gamut of disciplines which can all be seen in this master work.
Don't miss this chance to see this incredible work, learn all about it, and then have the rest of your day free to enjoy Milan as you desire!

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Price: $68.80

Duration of tour 🕓 45 minutes

Destination: Milan

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