Birdwatching Punta Laguna from Tulum

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Birdwatching Punta Laguna from Tulum

Famous for its beautiful lake, mature jungle and huge population of spider monkeys, the area of Punta Laguna is also a potential habitat for over 360 species of birds. On this tour we have the opportunity to see incredible birds and to experience the living Mayan culture while supporting local Eco-tourism initiatives.

For lunch, we will visit a Mayan family and enjoy a very tasty meal as we learn about their way of life and their efforts to preserve their environment and culture. Witness how they prepare handmade tortillas and be a witness to mayan traditional living and learn about the family´s project which reintroduces endangered endemic animals into the wild.

​Do not miss the opportunity to add a visit to the archaeological site of Coba to this experience while we keep adding more birds to our list.

Please be aware that if you are the only client booking this tour, we will have to charge you the price of the private tour (270usd)

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Price: $209.00

Duration of tour 🕓 7 hours

Destination: Tulum

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