Private Day Tours in London

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Private Day Tours in London

The day tour will start at 10.30am at Charing Cross Underground station. I’ll start by showing you all the main attractions in London’s famous Westminster through an amazing walking tour. We’ll be seeing sights such as; Trafalgar Square, National Gallery, St James’ Palace and Park, Buckingham Palace, Churchill War Rooms, Westminster Abbey and the iconic London Eye. Afterwards you’ll enjoy a short brunch break and at a British cuisine.

Afterwards I’ll take you to go and explore other famous parts of London including St paul’s Cathedral, Tate Modern Gallery, Tower Bridge and London Bridge while teaching you all the hidden tips and tricks of London. you’ll spend this time touring and exploring the best shopping centres, children’s play areas, pubs and party hangouts.
Finally, we’ll end the tour at 4.30pm with a café trip where you’ll experience Britain’s classic popular treats and drinks In the end, on this day you'll get a tour guide, teacher, local expert but also a new friend.

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Price: $146.85

Duration of tour 🕓 6 to 7 hours

Destination: London

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