Private Day Tour to Dover Castle From London

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Private Day Tour to Dover Castle From London

Dover Castle may, quite rightly, be regarded as the castle of castles, having defended the gateway to Britain for over a thousand years: From the Romans, through the medieval and Tudor eras and, of course, during the Second World War.

The castle holds a certain mystique today. You’ll find its transformation over the centuries is impressive bearing in mind the outer defences and various tunnels that were built to strengthen its defences.

As a local guide in Kent, walk with me in the footsteps of great English leaders and knights whilst enjoying the magnificent views of Dover and The English Channel.

During the Spring and Summer months, additional private tours may be booked such as The White Cliffs of Dover, Canterbury or an alternative historic location in Kent. Please enquire at least one week in advance of your visit.

N.B. Due to the pandemic-related restrictions, some parts of Dover Castle, such as the tunnels, may be closed due to health and safety reasons.

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Price: $288.48

Duration of tour 🕓 9 hours

Destination: London

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