Octopus The Private Boat From Aruba!

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Octopus The Private Boat From Aruba!

Cheers to another beautiful vacation on One Happy Island and welcome on the Octopus! The ultimate celebration of your wedding, birthday, bachelor party or corporate event or reserve the boat just for your significant other and you. Our catamaran is unique on the island with lounge seats with sea view for everybody! You can choose to relax in the sun or shadow.

Included in this cruise is an Open Cocktail Bar which contains the famous local cocktail 'Aruba Arriba' and spirits such as; White rum, Gin, Vodka and Scotch Whiskey blend! Non alcoholic beverages are available and can be mixed with the spirits as you wish.
Also included depending on the number of hours and which time of the day, appetizers such as freshly baked muffins, bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese, a turkey sandwich and more.... will be served.

We look forward to welcome you on board and give you an unforgettable morning!

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Price: $1,185.84

Duration of tour 🕓 2 to 8 hours

Destination: Aruba

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