Hamburg Harbor and St Pauli Walking Tour

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Hamburg Harbor and St Pauli Walking Tour

This tour only has a registration fee for the reservation. With this tours we wish a fair pay for our performance, at the same time we find it fair that you decide what amount is fair. This motivates us to give a great tour every single time and gives an opportunity for those that can not normally afford a tour to experience the best that the city has to offer.

Discover the variety of Hamburg´s old suburbia St. Pauli, its ties to the river and the harbor, its small side streets are home to artists, anarchists, political activists, dreamers, misfits, hookers, punks, refugees, retired sailors, failed musicians, coming stars, and discover the place where The Beatles had their breakthrough!

Please note: groups of 8 or more must book a private tour and will NOT be admitted to the tour! In such a case no refund will be rewarded.

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Price: $3.31

Duration of tour 🕓 2 hours

Destination: Hamburg

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