Grand Harbor Cruise (1 hour)

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Grand Harbor Cruise (1 hour)

The Hamburg classic is the great harbor cruise with which one can experience the harbor uncomplicated.

With the small barges it goes into the Speicherstadt (insofar as the water level permits) through the Hafencity and then into the container port and locks, the musical tent and the Elbphilharmonie over directly to the jetties.

With the large passenger ships, you inquire about the entire container port, the Elbe beach, Firschmarkt and see the large container ships. Cruise ships are not uncommon.
We will also drive with you past the musical King of the Lions and the Elbphilharmonie to finish the journey at the jetties.

The trips last 1 hour each and are the absolute classic to discover the Port of Hamburg.

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Price: $16.43

Duration of tour 🕓 1 hour

Destination: Hamburg

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🕓 3 hours 30 minutes duration

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