Full Day Saint Thomas Private Group Excursion

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Full Day Saint Thomas Private Group Excursion

A customized sightseeing tour with us is the way to go as you can customize your tour to what you want for you and your party. Our tour generally takes the regular sightseeing tour, taking you to the mountain to where you can stop and purchase the famous daiquiri. You can take a stop downtown and shop 'till you drop or leave your shopping 'till you get to the mountain top. You can select your beach of choice and we will take you there.

If you want to go to other attractions on the island, we can take you and your party there. We are here to help you fulfill your vacation dream. Whatever the event, you will want to choose us to make it be one of the most memorable events ever.

Time available for this private tour is 5 - 7 hours.

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Price: $1,024.62

Duration of tour 🕓 5 to 7 hours

Destination: Cruz Bay

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