Cool Paradise Afternoon Tour

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Cool Paradise Afternoon Tour

Canter your way through the northern coast, passing by the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, secluded beaches, and hidden gems only seen on horseback. This wonderful horseback ride is fun for anyone — couples, family, friends, and experienced riders. We are located right on the North-East coast and offer the best ocean view right from the start. We also strive to provide you with a safe ride by means of our personal service to you. Instructions and plenty of attention are provided to all our guests.

The tours are 90 minutes non-stop riding with small breaks at the beaches so you can take pictures if you would like to do so. No one gets off the horse during our tours. We don't park the horses during the tour.

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Price: $95.00

Duration of tour 🕓 90 to 120 minutes

Destination: Aruba

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