Cancun: Tulum Ruins Self Guided Walking Tour (GPS, Audio and Trivia)

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Cancun: Tulum Ruins Self Guided Walking Tour (GPS, Audio and Trivia)

Have you ever been on a scavenger hunt and a city tour at the same time? If not, get ready. You're not going to believe what kind of crazy fun you've been missing! This app digitizes the conventional map & paper-based scavenger hunt and combines it with a GPS based audio-guided city tour.

As you walk the route, you'll be asked a question before arriving at a point of interest. Plaques, paintings, or your knowledge itself may hold the answers to these questions. The correct response will enable an audio playback of its glorious history, along with its picture/animation/video, text transcript, tips and advice.

Transform your smartphone into a Scavenger Hunt led personal Audio tour guide of the Tulum Ruins. Get ready to hear about all the history that the Mayans had to offer. Learn about their rituals, their games, and their sacrifices.
Experience all these beautiful historic sights along the picturesque beach.

Please note that the tour is just available for Apple devices.

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Price: $10.00

Duration of tour 🕓 2 to 3 hours

Destination: Playa del Carmen

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